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  • Whodunit is a mystery game where players gather clues from around the library trying to solve a mystery, similar to the game Clue, by Parker Brothers. Some of your favorite villains have been causing mayhem in the library. The first player to correctly guess the suspect, location, and the weapon involved in the crime is the winner!


  • Whodunit is a great game for families, friends, group dates, youth groups, and more. Groups with teen and younger players should also include at least one actively participating adult.
  • Three sets of Whodunit are available. Each set can be played with 3-6 participants. Depending on availability, groups of up to 18 players can play together. (It is possible to double up and two people play as one "detective," so games can frequently accomodate groups larger than 18.)


  • Fill out the request form on this page, or speak with a librarian at a Reference Desk or by phone (801-852-6661).
  • Requests need to be made at least one week in advance.
  • Plan for the game to last about one hour.


  • Come to the 1st Floor Reference Desk to check in with a librarian on the day and time of your reservation
  • The librarian will hand out Detective Notebooks to players and review the rules of the game
  • Mark which cards you have in your Detective Notebook on the Notes page inside
  • Gather clues by moving through the following Library rooms:

    1. The Attic

    2. Writer’s Alcove

    3. Anderson Art Gallery

    4. Story Circle

    5. Coat Room

    6. Welcome Desk

    7. Used Book Store

    8. Spanish Corner

    9. Teen Corner

    10. Special Collections

  • When you find a clue in the folder that matches the color in your notebook, show everyone the card inside. Then mark it on the notes sheet and move on to the next room.
  • Beginning in the 5th room, each player may take a turn presenting a theory: naming the possible suspect, room, and weapon.
  • When you present a theory, the next player (in order of the numbers on the Detective Notebooks) looks through their clue cards. If they have one of the cards named in your theory, they must show it to you - but no one else. 
  • Once the next player has shown a card, the presenting player's theory is done and the next player can take a guess. 
  • When every player has had an opportunity to present a theory, the group moves to the next room.
  • Repeat the process in each of the remaining rooms until all the clues are gathered.
  • Return to the 1st Floor Reference desk and present a final theory to the librarian. The librarian will reveal the suspect, room and weapon.
Whodunit Request


Contact us by calling 801-852-6661